3T’s To Drive Like A World Champion

Presently I am certain every one of us might want a couple of additional yards from the tee, so I got together with Callaway Staff Player Joe Miller who is the 2016 and 2010 World Long Drive Champion and runner-up in 2013.

Clearly being physically greater and more grounded gives Joe the edge over a large portion of us, which is the reason his record drive is 474 yards. His clubhead speed is 150mph and the ball speed is 225mph, however what was intriguing for me was the manner by which great Joe is at knowing each minor part of his strategy.

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It is about augmenting the outcomes from your exertion and Joe indicated me three “T” tips that he utilizes when he is searching for those additional yards:

1. Tee It Up

Most beginners tee the ball too low, so tee it up so you can hit the ball on the up. At that point the space will work with you to get this show on the road the ball propelling higher with less turn. Joe dispatches it at 15° with 1700 rpm of turn, so on the off chance that you include his ball speed into that condition, then that is the way he gets the separation.

2. Tee It Forward

Keeping in mind the end goal to hit it on the up with greatest power, you have to position the ball where you’re driving arm returns completely reached out to the address position. For a driver this is more often than not in accordance with your left shoulder so tee it up in accordance with that point.

3. Tilt Your Spine

On the off chance that you will hit the ball on the up you need to remain behind it and the most ideal approach to do this is to set up with your spine tilted far from the ball. This does not mean your entire body, only the spine from the abdomen up and after that attempt and keep up this point through your swing to affect.

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